One day you may notice that the Dell PowerVault RD1000 is not ejecting the cartridges and the eject button would blink Amber or it would fail to load the cartridge properly.

In my case, the cause of this was a broken gear. Fig 1 and 2 below show the gear, that is attached to the motor shaft, has a crack along it, causing it to loose grip from the shaft and obviously not turn the other gears to load or eject the cartridge. The gear is visible from the back of the unit. You will need to remove the drive from the enclosure if you have the external RDX drive.

Fig 1. Back side photo of the RD1000


Fig 2. Close-up view of the gear with the top cover removed.

Luckily the fix was simple. I ordered 6mmx2mm 10 toothed gears from ebay. Once the gear was available, I continued to disassemble the drive to replace it. Disassembly is very simple so I will not go through the process. Make sure to remove all the cable connectors before moving the board to work comfortably.

Fig 3 is another close-up view of the broken gear before being replaced. The board has been removed from the drive.

Fig 3. Close-up of the gear and motor shaft.

Once there, measure the height of the gear from the board to the top of the gear. Then pull out the broken gear and slide the new one in place. Slide it down to the measured height. Slide it down in increments to make sure you do not go lower then required. Since the hole is of the same size, no modification is required and fits snug.

The new gear should look like the image below

Fig 4 – Gear Replaced



Re-assemble everything and the RDX drive should work again.


Hope you find the above helpful.

Let me know in the comments below if you find it useful or if you would like me to add anything else.

If you try this fix on RDX drives from other vendors, Let us know below.

By Brian Farrugia

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