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Quick Post – Running the SANsymphony iSCSI Best Practices Scripts

When deploying a DataCore SANsymphony based iSCSI SAN, it is highly recommended to follow the SANsymphony – iSCSI Best Practices Guide.

The guide describes the settings required to optimise the iSCSI connectivity between the DataCore Node and the Hosts. All settings are described in detail and can be done manually.

Alternatively DataCore provide a zip file with a set of scripts to be run on the DataCore servers which configure the network cards settings for you. The script can be found in the same page and the scripts usage is also explained.

One of the scripts “Set-iSCSIPortSettings.ps1” can take the -Name parameter where you can specify the Display Name of the interface you would like the script to configure.

I like using this parameter as I can control where the changes are being made instead of applying them on every adapter on the host.

A best practise I like to use, or rather preference, when naming an adapter is to use the following naming convention:

<PCI-E Slot Number><Port Number><Designated Use> Eg. “SLOT 3 Port 3 – Mirror Port 2

Having the above I can execute the script against a subset of interfaces I want to configure

To do this I first get a list of the interfaces by running the command in a Powershell as Administrator session

$mirror = Get-NetAdapter -Name *Mirror*

This will create an Array of Objects with the details of the Network adapters with the text “Mirror” in it.

$mirror.name can be used to list the contents as show below:

Then I can run the “Set-iSCSIPortSettings.ps1” using the syntax below:

Set-iSCSIPortSettings.ps1 -Name $mirror.name

This will output a prompt asking if you accept that the configuration be applied on the number of adapters you want as shown below


As another example, when I want to apply the changes to the iSCSI Ports, I execute the below commands

$iscsi = Get-NetAdapter -Name *iSCSI*
Set-iSCSIPortSettings.ps1 -Name $iscsi.name

There are different ways how this can be used to group Datacore interfaces and this post is just here to help me remember for the future and hopefully for someone else who may find it useful.

Let us know if you did or if you have any suggestions.

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