We had a situation were one of our customers lost power to one of the JBOD, MD1200, shelves connected with an MD3200i. This caused the Disk Group to be marked as failed. This can been seen in the below screenshot

To Revive the Disk Group DG2 follow the below procedure:

  1. Identify the name of the Disk Group you need to revive. In our case DG2
  2. Make sure the MD Storage Manager CLI is installed on a client that has access to the MD Management interface. If not install it.
  3. Open command prompt.
  4. Go to C:\Program Files(x86)\Dell\MD Storage Software\MD Storage Manager\client
  5. type smcli <IP of Controller 1> <IP of Controller 2> e.g. smcli
  6. After a few seconds you should see the message – Entering interactive mode. Please type desired command.
  7. Now type revive diskgroup[<diskgroupname>“] e.g.revive diskgroup[“DG2”]
Now the disk group should be accessible and in Optimal state as shown in the below screenshot
Further MD CLI commands and reference can be obtained from here
Make sure to use the above commands and the ones in the reference material with caution. This procedure was used only because we knew that the shelf was not actually faulty and the Drive Set was intact. No drives were replaced or swapped when the failure occurred. This was also done as a last resort before recreating the Disk Group and restoring all the data.
DISCLAIMER : Use the above at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible if you are effected negatively with the use of this information.

By Brian Farrugia

I am the author of Phy2Vir.com. More info can be found on the about page.

5 thought on “Reviving a Failed Disk Group on a DELL PowerVault MD32xxi SAN”
  1. This actually worked. I tried it the first time with the command revive diskgroup[DG1] and it seemed like it was hung up. I changed the command like your screenshot with ; added revive diskgroup[DG1]; That seemed to do the trick. Thanks

  2. Hi jose,

    have you cancelled the previous command and executed again.
    I am also having the same issue.. could not understand whether it is running or not..

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