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Allowing UptimeRobot to Monitor a connection with Mikrotik

Recently I needed to monitor an internet connection and wanted to be notified when the connection was down and also back up. A quick Google search allowed me to find UptimeRobot. Uptimerobot is an online set of tools which allow you to monitor IPs, ports and also services like HTTP/HTTPS. They offer a Free account…

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Active/Active Load Balancing with Mikrotik RouterOS

If you have multiple internet connections or site to site tunnels, like VPN or IPIP, with multiple links, you may want to load balance between the links. With Mikrotik this is achieved very easily. Lets take for example the below scenario: ISP Link 1 Gateway IP : ISP Link 2 Gateway IP :…

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IPIP Tunnel with IPsec Transport on RouterOS

In RouterOS 6.30, a new property has been added to some of the tunnels like IPIP and gre which configures an IPsec transport policy for the interfaces. I will go through the process of configuring an IPIP tunnel by using this property

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Mikrotik IP/Cloud and multiple ISPs

Sometimes you have a customer who has more than one internet connection and you want to setup Mikrotik Cloud to update the DDNS name to point to a specific IP and “failover” to another IP should the primary link fail. For example your WEB and VPN services are hosted on different Internet links, with fail-over,…

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Mikrotik Cloud – a Dynamic DNS name and NTP service

When you setup a router in a site that does not have a static public IP address, you would usually have to rely on 3rd party Dynamic DNS services to provide you access to the device/site without knowing the current IP address. This involved running scripts on the router to constantly update the DNS records….

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Configuring Mikrotik to use OpenDNS

This post describes the process of setting up a script and schedule it to run every 1hr to update the IP address stored in the openDNS profile.

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Setting up port Knocking on a Mikrotik Router

This article tries to explain the way port knocking is utilised and provides the commands to configure ,a two port, port knocking filter rules on a mikrotik router in the input chain

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