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Windows Server 2016/2019 RDS Server – Black screen or Start Menu not working

The purpose of this blog post is to try and consolidate all the information we found to resolve an issue we encountered on an RDS Host which caused the start menu to not open or users getting a black screen after logging in. A big thanks goes to all the contributors in the different forums.

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Append String to Veeam Tapes in Media Pool via Powershell

Today I needed to add a couple of tapes in a Media Pool and the customer asked me if I could append a string to the tape name. Having added around ~30 tapes in the pool it would have required a lot of clicking to do it from the Veeam Backup Console.For this reason I…

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Sonicwall Script Generator – Create Multiple Address Objects and add them to an Address Group

Today I needed to create a number of Address Objects on some SonicWall firewalls and add them to an Address Group. The addresses were the ones used by Up Time Robot. These needed to be whitelisted to allow the service to monitor the links’ uptime. This was going to take very long to do via…

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Activating Windows Server 2012/2016 Evaluation Edition – My little script

Had some time and created a script to activate windows server evaluation editions with Retail and Oem Keys

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Quick Post – Running the SANsymphony iSCSI Best Practices Scripts

Quick Post to take note of a way to execute the iSCSI Best Practice script against a number of interfaces.

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Import/Export Distribution Groups when performing an Exchange cross-forest migration/upgrade

A quick post to show how distribution groups and members were migrated from one active directory/exchange forest to another using powershell

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Using Powershell to validate recommended Updates and Hotfixes for Hyper-V Failover Cluster on Windows 2012 R2

My experience with Hyper-V Failover Clusters has showed me that it is best to install all updates and hotfixes on member hosts to try avoid any major issues. This page gives a brief intro to one of the cases that made me take this stance and will allow you to download and use two scripts which will allow you to check if a hyper-v host, or nodes in a cluster, has/have the recommended hotfixes installed.

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Restore a deleted mailbox in Exchange 2013

Recently we had a client that deleted an exchange mailbox by mistake. He quickly recreated it for the user to be able to receive and send e-mails but in the meantime the user had lost all her mailbox information. Although there are many useful tools to backup and restore exchange mailboxes, in this case the…

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Control Datacore SSV Write Cache with APC PCNS

The post describes the process of setting up PCNS to disable or enable write cache on Datacore SAN Symphony V when the UPS is on Battery or Power is Restored Events.

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Issues with dragging items in some folders from Outlook after Migrating to Office365

If you are having problems dragging folders after migrating to Office 365, The scripts in this article will help you identify the issue and solve the problem.

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