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Activating Windows Server 2012/2016 Evaluation Edition – My little script

Had some time and created a script to activate windows server evaluation editions with Retail and Oem Keys

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Mikrotik IP/Cloud and multiple ISPs

Sometimes you have a customer who has more than one internet connection and you want to setup Mikrotik Cloud to update the DDNS name to point to a specific IP and “failover” to another IP should the primary link fail. For example your WEB and VPN services are hosted on different Internet links, with fail-over,…

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Changing Virtual Machine settings with VMware vSphere PowerCLI

Sometimes you may need to make changes to some virtual machine settings via the PowerCLI. Recently I found on the VMware Community Forum a basic script that changed the memory allocated to a VM. I took the opportunity to get some hands on PowerCLI. I am sure that there are better scripts to achieve the…

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