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PSOD: ESXi 6.0 U2 on PowerEdge M710HD with Brocade BR-1741M-k

This post is a walk through on how to resolve an issue were a Brocade 1020/1741M card would cause a PSOD when installing VMware ESXi if the firmware is outdated. It helps in identifying the device that caused the PSOD and the steps to update the firmware and install the necessary drivers for the Brocade card.

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Deploying a CentOS7 VM with MariaDB for Remote Desktop Manager

At my workplace we use the Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) application. The application allows you to build a database with the IT resources you manage. If you haven’t tried it already I suggest you give the Free Edition or Enterprise Trial a go. In our case we assist many customers remotely and this application…

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Changing Virtual Machine settings with VMware vSphere PowerCLI

Sometimes you may need to make changes to some virtual machine settings via the PowerCLI. Recently I found on the VMware Community Forum a basic script that changed the memory allocated to a VM. I took the opportunity to get some hands on PowerCLI. I am sure that there are better scripts to achieve the…

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