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Manual LUN failover with VMware and Powervault MD3620f

A customer has two DELL Powervault MD3620f SAN arrays which included the Remote Replication feature. The Virtual Disks (VDs) hosting the VMware Datastores are replicated across the two SANs, in different buildings, by using hardware Synchronous replication. Some of the Primary VDs are stored on the SAN in site A and replicated to the SAN…

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Installing Equallogic MEM with Windows vSphere CLI

The article goes through the process of installing the Equallogic Multipathing Extension Module by using the VMware vSphere CLI for windows. It also explains how you can configure the host to connect to the SAN with the –bestpractice option.

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Migrating a Virtual Machine across vCenter Servers with Veeam Quick Migration

Today, on twitter, someone asked the question “What’s the best way to migrate VM’s from 1 vcenter to another?”. In this question it is assumed that both vCenters, and related hosts, have IP connectivity between each other and that there is no storage shared between them. There were a few replies with different suggestions. One…

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Changing Virtual Machine settings with VMware vSphere PowerCLI

Sometimes you may need to make changes to some virtual machine settings via the PowerCLI. Recently I found on the VMware Community Forum a basic script that changed the memory allocated to a VM. I took the opportunity to get some hands on PowerCLI. I am sure that there are better scripts to achieve the…

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VMware Vsphere CLI – libeay32.dll error on 64bit Windows 7

This article walks-through the process I did to solve the libeay32.dll error that was popping up when running vicfg commands.

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