Today I went to install some updates on a Windows Server 2012 R2 server via Windows Update.

When checking for updates the operation failed with error 800B0001 as seen in the screenshot below

I googled to see how I would resolve the issue and came across this Microsoft KB947821 article. Since I have Server 2012 R2 installed, I needed to follow the manual procedure.

Unfortunately this did not resolve the issue. I then found the Windows Update Automated Troubleshooter. I had used the tool on other versions of windows and in many times it had helped me but unfortunately not this time. Even though it reports that it fixed some files, the problem persisted.

After looking for a solution, which did not require me to re-install windows using the upgrade option, I came across a script, Reset Windows Update Agent, by Manuel F. Gil.

I proceeded to download the file and took a snapshot of the VM before running the cmd file with administrative rights.

Upon executing the script you are presented with a notice that you use the script at your own risk. This means make sure you have working backup, or take a snapshot like did, just in case.

Terms and Conditions

When typing Y, you get presented with a menu to perform different operations which can help you with resolving the Windows Update issue you are encountering.

In my case, I only used option 2 (Reset Windows Update Components)

After running this option, I check for a windows update again and it worked.

During my search for a solution I noticed that this was a common problem for people using WSUS and an update for WSUS was required to fix the issue. In my case the server was getting updates directly from windows update.

Hope this short article helps you resolve the issue.

Big thanks go Manuel F. Gil for making the script public.


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